Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Sagging cheekbones are a change in the face that causes worry amongst everyone, not necessarily because it looks bad, but because it changes the face that we look at every day in the mirror. Keep reading to find out about the causes and what you can do to put a remedy to it. It’s time to improve!

Causes of sagging cheekbones

We could say that there are two main factors involved in this skin process. One would be what you are doing wrong and the other would be what we “life is happening to you”. Some things can be changed, like unhealthy habits. Life, accidents, and aging cannot. Here below are some of the things that could cause it.

Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Unprotected exposure to the sun

Sunbathing is quite harmful to the skin, if done with protection. We only need about 10 minutes of sunlight every day to be able to assimilate vitamin D. The rest is, and especially when getting direct sun rays, just dangerous and will have an effect later in life. UVA radiation penetrates the skin and destroys the collagen that gives its elasticity. Sun has to be avoided and sunscreen is a must even in wintertime.

Your intake of fats is too low

You’ll think that avoiding fatty foods is the healthy way, however, there are healthy fats such as the ones in whitefish. Omega-3 and Omega-6 mostly are required to boost the immune system and to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Don’t be afraid of the good fats! We are what we eat, and a balanced diet will always be the best choice.

Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Quick weight loss

Losing weight drastically changes the body. The fat is gone, but the skin is still stretched and sagged. It happens all over the body, including the cheekbones if they used to be prominent.

Hormonal changes related to estrogen

A negative unbalance or lack of estrogen may cause the skin to lose its elasticity very fast. That could lead to sagging cheekbones. This is the part where it’s more visible since they tend to be fuller than normal for other reasons as well. This is one of the main ways to check for that hormonal problems.

Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Not sleeping enough

We can live without sleeping eight hours a day, but it’s detrimental to our health in many ways since it’s the time for the body to recharge and regenerate. Without that time, cells of the skin keep dying without ever healing.


One of the worst addictions to have. It damages your organs on the inside, and it also ages the skin like no other thing.


Long periods of stress cause a chemical balance in the body that affects the skin in many ways. Cortisol is produced, and the body creates a reaction of “fight or flight” that cancels some adjustments.

Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Eating to many sweets

Excessive sugar intake can accelerate the aging process of the skin among other things. It should be balanced.

Worrying and having a lot of strong emotions

Expression lines show up whenever a gesture is frequently repeated. There are wrinkles that indicate we are living a healthy and happy life, while others reveal the opposite. That is the case with sagging cheekbones. It often doesn’t look appealing because the reason it gets to that point is because of negative emotions showing up on the face.

Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Remedies for sagging cheekbones

There are two options to end the struggle of this condition: surgical or non-invasive. The first one is actually the old approach, while the non-invasible ones include new techniques that approach the problem with new knowledge that we have.

Surgical therapy might include:

  • Botox injections. Botox is a paralyzing toxin that evens out the skin and prevents it from moving from its place.
  • Dermal fillers. Similar to botox but with other chemical compounds that fill the area that shags due to having much skin. It cannot be done by everyone. This process needs a specific type of face for it to work.
  • Facelift. It’s an operation in which the skin is lifted mechanically and removes the excess that sags.

However, non-invasive treatments, which we strongly recommend, give as good results.

Remedies and Causes of Sagging Cheekbones

Non-invasive treatments for sagging cheekbones:

Eva facial treatment

Endospheres therapy has this innovative treatment that helps with sagging cheekbones, dark circles and clears the skin of wrinkles among other things. It consists of three phases, each one of them equally important and necessary to achieve the results needed.

    1. The first part of the treatment consists of a sensorised ablative microvibration and it is carried out with the FACE handpiece. This helps with the exfoliation of dead skin. Also, this will cause a brightening of the skin and the elimination of toxins.
    2. The second part is called: compressive microvibration and it is done with the M.A.S handpiece. With the skin prepared with the first phase, the second can really shine. It gives all the major benefits such as plump lips, lifted cheekbones, and smooth wrinkles.
    3. The final phase is vibro-electro vehiculation performed with the V.E.V. It’s the final process to give the face the look wanted. No dark circles, even skin coloration, nourishment, and glow.

Not every Centre has the advanced technology to do this treatment that is pain-free and very advanced. Check out your nearest Centre!